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So I just checked the Grand Prix selections and I am beyond excited. I was planning to go to Skate Canada regardless because no traveling costs aside from a weekend's worth of gas, but now I am really stoked.

- Patrick Chan: As much as he can come off as a little douchebag and as much as he probably is to some extent, I saw him at Skate Canada last years and his skating is technically amazing when he isn't falling all over the place. Hopefully, having competed the quad successfully for a season and being world champion will help him not fall of his ass 4 times (and still win). I also sometimes entertain this pipe dream of him going to a choreographer that isn't Lori Nichol for this season's long (I'm assuming he's keeping the short) because, while he's never going to be an outstanding performer, he can do a lot better than the recycled warhorses he keeps giving him.

- Daisuke Takahashi: ♥♥♥ Pretty much sums up how I feel about him. I recall reading an interview where he mentioned that his jumps are getting back on track after he had the bolt in his leg removed, but I keep fearing that he might just be past his competitive prime thanks to injuries and age. Still, it'll be my first time seeing him live and, tbf, he's awesome even when he's not landing many jumps.

- Denis Ten: Last season was kind of a bust and I hope he's gotten over whatever it was that was fucking him up, whether it was the coaching change, the move across the globe, a growth spurt, or something to do with his crazy skate mom. I hate watching skaters just fall apart on the ice and I want him to be as awesome as he can be.

- Javier Fernandez: I'm really interested in seeing what he'll be doing post-Morozov. Will he still be doing lolzy OTT programs?

- Adam Rippon: Please pull it together, bb? I like him a whole lot because he is a grate troll and seemed like a sweet person when I met him. I know he's never going to be world champion material, but his skating does have a way of drawing me in live. My best memory of Skate Canada last year was watching his long and feeling like I couldn't breath.

- Mirai Nagasu: She's pretty much my favourite ladies' skater at the moment, which means that like almost all the skaters I love she can be a bit of a headcase. She stands a good chance of winning this competition. I hope she's ready for it and doesn't hold back too much because her second GP is the following week since she has a much better chance here.

- Akiko Suzuki: I have such a soft spot for her. She always looks like she's doing her best and giving it her all. She's not the best Japanese lady skater, but she is absolutely my favourite.

- Elizaveta Tuktamisheva: My second least favourite of the Russian Wonderbabies, but I still want to see how she does on the senior circuit.

- Volosozhar/Trankov: My favourite think about skating right now. I love these two beyond all reason and my reaction to seeing them on the list for Skate Canada was . I'm interested in what their Broadway choreography ends up looking like. That kind of theme definitely suits Trankov's tendency for campy over-emoting and Volosozhar is always a freaking star.

- Duhamel/Radford: My favourite of the current Canadian pairs.

- Sui/Han: Fake ages and cheating aside, they're the most interesting of the current Chinese pairs.

- Takahashi/Tran: I hope they do as well as they can.

- Iluishechkina/Maisuradze: My second favourite Russian pair. There's something really classic looking about the way they skate and their programs.


- Virtue/Moir: Not my favourite Canton team, but I'm excited to hopefully see them live and healthy. I missed them last year because of Tessa's injury and without them the level of the competition decreases a lot.

- Weaver/Poje: I liked their programs last season.

- Mysliveckova/Novak: I will never quite understand how this happened, but I will always love them a lot for it. Edit: Apparently they split :(

- Pechalat/Bourzat: I don't have much to say about them, but I do like them.

In conclusion, I still motherfucking love skating.
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