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And as always that means time to pretend to actually get back to being more of a social creature. IDK, I'm kind of crap at this keeping up with social networks, but I'll try as part of my grand plan of being a doper person this year.

Part of that plan includes making time to getting back to photography. I'm sort of trying the photo a day thing (even though most days I can't make the time to take enough photos that at least one is non-crap). Here's what I have for the past week:


Things that are not part of the plan: putting off going to the dentist because of anxiety for years until a giant cavity leads to a broken tooth, a tooth extraction, and two cavity fillings. Also known as: How I spent most of December and the last week.

I feel like such a child for putting this shit off for so long just because my experiences with dentists as a child sucked and I kind of wish I could have kicked my own ass into being adult about this years ago. I'm doing it now, I guess. :D? :D? :( I should also check about getting a proper GP and getting a physical regularly like an adult :/

In other news, I have a shiny new phone and a shiny new plan that isn't from the stone age and has both unlimited data and texting. So if there's anyone out there that wants to bother me 24/7, I'm totes available on gtalk, twitter, and texting. AND I WOULD LOVE TO TALK TO YOU SO SEND ME A PM AND I CAN GIVE YOU MY INFO IF YOU DON'T ALREADY HAVE IT. And that doesn't even get close to the level of desperation I'm trying to convey so do it, please.
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Like always, even though I took several hundred photo and ended up with only several dozen that I didn't hate. Oh well.

It was a 4 hour drive through mostly fields of cows, horses, and the occasional camel on a horse farm (wtf? I wish I'd gotten my cell phone out in time to get a picture of that because wtf is a camel doing on a horse farm in southern Ontario?). Also I learned that a field of wind turbines is a fucking scary thing while driving. You should never ever look because as innocent as they seem, the second you start staring at slowly spinning things is the second you get mesmerizing and run the risk of running off the road.

So photos? )
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So after being gone off LJ/DW for like two years now, I think I'll be posting here again. I'm feeling nostalgic for old fandom and tumblr just isn't doing anything for me right now.

Is anyone still around here? Are there any people or communities on LJ/DW that I should totes follow because they're not as dead as I've been lead to believe all this place is?

Anyway, general updates on my state of being:

  • One of my cats died in early March. I'm still kind of fucked up about that because he was young-ish and I had to make the decision to euthanise him.

  • I did end up adopting a new cat a month later. She's kind of adorable and of kitty )

    She follows me around the house when I'm there and she's the first cat I've owned that's an actualfax lap cat in that she will crawl into my lap, or chest, whenever the opportunity presents itself and get pissy if I try to move her. We've ended up falling into a routine where I'll come home, sit down on my bed with my laptop on my knees and my cat on my chest for half an hour.

    The other cat and her still don't exactly get along well, but they have a somewhat cordial relationship that involves a minimal amount of hissing.

  • I took up running last year around this time. I started with C25K, made it to running 5 km regularly, and then decided to get myself to run 10 km and to do 5 km in under 30 minutes (I think the first time I finished a 5 km run I was doing it at 40+ minutes). I managed the 10 km mid fall last year and then ended up not running for two months in the winter because as much as I enjoy running and making questionable decisions for the sake of running, there is nothing that will drag me out of the house to run in sub-zero temperature. It's unpleasant and I REFUSE.

    All of that means that I had to start over from almost scratch (week 5 of C25K) and work back up to where I was -- and maybe get that goddamn 30 minute 5 km run >:( -- in March when the weather stopped being crap. Which is where I am now. I'm back at doing 10 km long runs on the weekend and ON WEDNESDAY I DID A 5 KM RUN IN UNDER 30 MINUTES (FUCK YEAH 9:50 MIN/MILE PACE! \o/). Oh, and I might do a half marathon in October.

    Idk I just really like running and I feel like my body can do awesome things. It's going to be so unfortunate when I end up breaking myself :(

  • I started baking a lot after going on a serious Great British Bake-Off watching marathon, which you should all watch if you enjoy baking porn and/or reality TV that isn't about people being unreasonably dramatic for ratings. In the last year I've fiddled with bread baking, a bunch of cookie recipes, puff pastry, real strudels, and a bunch of cakes.

    I kind of stopped, but I plan to start baking every weekend once I decide what I want to experiment with. Right now my list of possibilities is:
    • carrot cake
    • danishes
    • some kind of savory bread or dinner roll
    • zucchini bread
    • choux pastry (profiteroles or éclairs)

    I would be seriously consider making these this weekend but I used up almost all my rhubarb on a pear, cherry, and rhubarb crumble last weekend. It was delicious, but those rhubarb hand pies look tiny and adorable.

  • I went on a hiking trip to Bruce Peninsula National Park on the May 24 weekend. I have photos, including ones of me climbing down a cliff-like structure. I need to do shit like that more often because I love hiking, camping, and outdoorsy shit even though I only end up doing it a couple of times a year. It'd probably go better if I made myself try to socialize with more people who are also into this. Or I could try hiking on my own until I get mauled to death by a black bear or some shit. idk.

  • I finally set up a vegetable garden after getting super excited about doing it last year only to give up once I'd done the hard work of clearing the garden beds with overgrown raspberry bushes. I MIGHT HAVE TOMATOES, PEPPER, CUCUMBER, EGGPLANTS, AND HERBS SOMETIME IN THE SUMMER if they don't all die. :DDD

  • Fandom-wise I'm in a weird place were I have a lot of media I like but that I have no desire for the fannish side of it either because no interest or no interest in how fandom does that show/comic/movie/etc. I was briefly into Teen Wolf fandom, but lol Teen Wolf fandom and I kind of got bored of reading the same Stiles/Derek fic over and over again as written by different ficcers. I also tried Inception fic for a while in desperation.I did end up reading a bunch of pretty Tony/Pepper fic around the time IM3 came out, including this always-a-girl!Tony/Pepper fic series I really enjoyed. I just wish Tony/Pepper ficc was so much easier to find on AO3 amidst the Steve/Tony fic I have no interest in that's tagged with Tony/Pepper because they break up in the first 1,000 word to make room for two white dudes fucking.


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