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Yuletide letter 2011

Dearest Yuletide writer,

Thank you for offering to write one of the fandoms I requested. I'm excited to read whatever fandom and characters you end up writing and I hope this letter helps you.

I'm open to gen, het, f/f, and m/m slash. I don't usually have strong preferences for certain pairings as long as the characters I really like are involved and the relationship dynamic doesn't hit one of my squicks. So feel free to write cononical, non-canonical, or even unusual pairings.

Some of my favourite things are:
  • Canon and canon!AUs, although I'm not against a good AU if that's what you want to write
  • Hurt/comfort
  • Wacky adventures
  • Witty banter
  • Characters being nerds about anything
  • Domestic fluff and curtain!fic
  • Characters being fumbly and new to sex, sexuality, and romance
  • Angst and dark fic
  • Epistolary fic
  • Moral ambiguity
  • Playing with sex and gender
  • Pining
  • Dark humour

Things I'd rather not read:
  • Noncon/rape
  • Deathfic
  • Character bashing

If you don't feel like writing sex scenes, don't. As someone who's written fic, I know there's nothing worse than feeling like you should write porn when you're not into it. And, as a reader, I'd rather read all the gen adventures that you enjoyed writing than a sex scene that hits all my kinks but feels forced. That said, if you want to I'd love it and I'm pretty open to almost all kinks. The only sex related things that squick me are watersport, scat, bestiality, pedophilia, and knotting.

1. The Borgias
[Lucrezia Borgia, Giulia Farnese, Djem] I'd love to see any fic with Lucrezia in it. Gen, het, f/f slash are all good by me. If you need a prompt, I'd love to see Lucrezia/Giulia fic where they're burnt out by the men in their lives and turn to each other for comfort. I'd also be interested in an AU where Djem doesn't die as early as he did in the show and maybe has an actual affair with Lucrezia.

So, yeah, Lucrezia is kind of the center of the show for me. I'm in love with the way she was written as sheltered and naive yet deeply curious at beginning of the show, and had her really grow from that slowly. If you decide to write Lucrezia/Giulia as a pairing, it would be interesting to see how they deal with the fact that Giulia is also having sex with Lucrezia's father since it's pretty clear that Lucrezia is fully aware of the affair.

I know a lot of people into the Borgias are into Lucrezia/Cesare incest, but it personally squicks me. I'd enjoy reading a fic about Lucrezia and Cesare's relationship, but I'd prefer it if the incest isn't explicit.

2. Covert Affairs
[Jai Wilcox, Annie Walker, Joan Campbell] I'd read all the fic about Jai's daddy issues. No, really, I'm not kidding. I's also love to read anything where Annie has to pretend to be dating/married to Jai, Auggie, Eyal, or anyone really for a mission. Or lolzy and sexy Joan/Arthur fic. Or maybe Arthur and Joan initiate Jai into running his own department with hot threesomes...

This is a fandom where's I'd totally read all the PWPs. I mean, common, everyone is so, so pretty. And IMO, Annie has chemistry with virtually every dude on that show and I'd read it all. I'd read threesomes of any variation. Hell, I'd read random flirting between any combination of characters.

So, Jai's daddy issues, if you're interested in writing that. The whole thing where he desperately wants to please his crappy father and yet clearly feels all the resentment towards him is everything that my id loves. I pretty much ate up the whole plotline with Jai finding out his father is the CIA leak and being torn (pretending to be torn?) about his loyalty to his family, his loyalty to the CIA, and his ambitions (which, are still totally about his daddy issues).

3. Oz - L. Frank Baum
[Dorothy Gale, Ozma] I'd love to see something that explores the fact that Ozma spent her early years living as a boy and maybe had her figure out how to change between Ozma and Tip. Maybe she wants to explore Oz a bit more without the constraints of being the ruler and she transforms into Tip to go on wacky adventures with Dorothy. Or maybe, ignoring the whole bit of canon where no one ages anymore, Dorothy and Ozma grow up, fall in love, and have fumbly lesbian and heterosexual first times.

So, pretty much what I said in the request. I've always found the whole Tip/Ozma thing fascinating despite the fact that it's only ever mentioned in The Marvelous Land of Oz and then gets sort of ignored.

In terms of characterization, I'm going through the process of rereading the books after a long time away so I'm still rusty on what the characters are like in my head. I do sometimes wonder though what it would be like if the books weren't set in a fantastical world where everyone good seems to get along perfectly. I imagine that Ozma and Dorothy's strong personalities would cause them to quarrel occasionally.

So those are all my thoughts on the fandoms I've requested. Thank you again for offering to write one of them and remember that all of this is just suggestions. Write whatever you want to write and I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

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